Salt Water System

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Salt Water System

Create a Salt Water Oasis.

With a salt water pool, you will have soft, silky water, free of the annoying and harmful effects of conventional chlorine. Using ordinary salt that is added to the pool water, the salt water cells generate a pure, natural sanitizer year-round. When the sanitizer has finished purifying the pool, it reverts back into salt and the whole cycle repeats, making salt water sanitizing a model of recycling efficiency. And since it sanitizes automatically, you’ll spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it. Salt water sanitizing is easy and affordable. So convert your ordinary pool into a salt water oasis today. Your family will thank you for it.


AquaPure Ei delivers the ultimate swimming experience without the hassle. The system is simple to install, taking just three easy steps and requiring zero pipe cutting. Simply drill the designated holes in the pipe with the template and drill bit provided, clamp the self-sealing cell kit around the pipe, and plug it in.


  • Available in hard-wired or plug-in models
  • Automatic input voltage sensing for optimum performance
  • LCD display and LED indicators make it easy to use


  • Ingenious two-piece locking clamp design seals with a single locking ring for a quick installation

  • Self-cleaning technology for minimal maintenance
  • Titanium electrode blades with a precious metal coating for the ultimate in durability
  • Electronic water sensor for electrode protection
Download the Salt Systems Brochure Here