Leveling Systems

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Leveling Systems

Levolor® water leveling systems electronically maintain water levels in pools, spas, fountains and ponds.

It can be used anywhere a constant level of water is needed to maintain a beautiful appearance and protect equipment, especially
Vanishing Edge designs. Easily installed on new or existing pools and spas, the Levolor system does not require structural modifications for installation.

Easily maintain water level without a hose. With Levolor you’ll never need to fill your pool with a garden hose. Levolor replaces the water in your pool that is lost due to evaporation and splashing automatically.

Our unique electronics compensate for waves, will not overfill your pool, and sense the water level without any moving parts. Simple installation: Retrofit or new Since a Levolor System requires no structural modifications, you can easily retrofit existing equipment systems.

Low water level can cause permanent damage to your pool’s equipment. Keep your pool looking and performing at it’s peak with Levolor.

Download the Levolor Brochure Here