A Letter From Our Founder

The year was 1985…

The era of mullet hairdos and 3 pound cell phones. I was a young man, fresh from college, when I first took the plunge into the pool construction industry.

I spent the next several years in the field working long hard days and learning as much about pool construction as I could. In the late 80’s, having gained the knowledge and skills necessary, I now had the confidence to start my own pool construction company. This would mean even longer and harder days now that the bulk of the responsibility fell on my shoulders.

Our clients consisted of south Florida pool companies in the tri-county area. They would sell pools and spas to homeowners and hire my company to do the construction.

After two decades of pool construction and forging relationships with some of the best craftsman in the business, my brother, who is also my long time business partner, and I started Seacrest Pools.

Now, we bring our passion for excellence and desire to produce the best product possible directly to the homeowner.

So if you’re considering building or remodeling a pool, or creating an outdoor living and entertaining space, let us show you how the construction experience can be an exciting and pleasant experience!

Bill Carey Signature
Bill Carey